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Aside from appreciating and enjoying all music, Shimon's formative years were spent listening to a whole load of Rock: In fact he is a self confessed 'Floyd Head'. The longer he was at school the more it became clear that his vocation was always going to be music industry based. However it wasn't until in and around 1992, when dance music and its culture was all around him, that Shimon found out exactly what he really wanted to do. Weekly trips to legendary events and club nights including; Elevation and A.W.O.L. at the legendary Paradise Club, left him totally convinced that his future, his life, had to be in and around dance music.

Like a lot of dance music enthusiasts; Shimon was quick to buy himself a set of turntables, but unlike a lot of dance music enthusiasts; albeit fun mixing the beats wasn't enough for Shimon, for Shimon it was all about making them. As a result, shortly after buying his turntables Shimon bought himself a sampler, and ever since the day he took it out of its box and plugged a pair of headphones in, he's never looked back.

Nowadays equally respected as both a talented producer and skilled engineer; on his debut release 'Predator' Shimon was actually only the producer, it was in fact Ram's very own legend Ant Miles that pressed all the buttons for him. Although Shimon was delighted to hear it being played in the clubs, with everyone knowing full well that he had co-created it, Shimon wasn't satisfied. As a result that was the first and last tune where he wasn't involved in the engineering process.

It's common knowledge that you don't become a first class producer and engineer over night, but even so it wasn't too long before Shimon's individual efforts, one particular beat and a bass line to be specific, caught the full attention of his good friend the prominent DJ, producer and label owner Andy C. They immediately joined forces and went in on that beat and bass line, the result was the hugely popular and arguably one of the most popular drum&bass 12"s of all time 'Quest' with 'Nightflite' on the flip. Shimon's professional relationship with Andy C and Ram Records started there: in 1995. Shortly after, Shimon created another huge track titled 'Recharge' which was promptly included on Ram's first label compilation 'The Speed Of Sound LP', which confirmed Shimon as a permanent fixture in the Ram camp.

With his profile literally rocketing, to his shear delight it wasn't long before Shimon was given the opportunity to play his music to audiences across the globe. Shimon quickly accepted his place on arguably the scene's most prominent artist agencies, namely Unique Artists and Circle Management, where he remains to this day; smashing up dance floors week in week out at all the best club nights and festivals to be found around the world. Aside from the DJ work another side effect of his ever increasing profile were various remix offers, of which he accepted a select few; none more absolute than his awesome reworking of 'Tudor Rose'.

It was however a simple twist of fate, breaking his leg, which brought about Shimon's most successful partnership and Ram Records' most successful collective to date: Ram Trilogy. The accident had quickly put a stop to his DJ work which left Shimon with nothing to do other than to sit in his studio all day. Bored of being in the studio on his lonesome; Shimon decided to hook up with production partner Ant Miles for vibes and consequently went in on one of Ant's works in progress. After some time spent reworking the track Andy stepped in and had a go with the track, three engineers one tune, the track came to be known as 'No Reality' the collective came to be known as Ram Trilogy.

A whole series of Ram Trilogy releases followed along with collaborations with just Andy C & Ant Miles. Each as successful as the last, but none more successful than the truly innovative Shimon & Andy C anthem 'Body Rock'. No-one anywhere had heard anything like it, the track surprised everyone, however the biggest surprise of all was how quickly it transcended the underground to the mainstream, 'Body Rock' went on to reach Number 28 in the UK National Chart, which was and to this day remains to be unheard of for an acoustic drum&bass track with no sign of a catchy vocal.

This was followed by a surprisingly brief interval; as Shimon and the rest of the Ram crew acknowledged the need to switch from analogue to digital. The result was some of Ram Trilogy's most emphatic work to date including; the mighty 'Titan' and 'Screamer' EPs: The latter of which was nominated for various industry awards, including Knowledge Magazine's coveted 2004's Best Tune award.

Since the unprecedented success of the Ram Trilogy, Shimon has continued to impress with various remixes such as Zinc's Kinda Funky and Dj Hype's Classic Dope Style and his essential inclusion in the most recent series to come out of Ram Records: 'Ram Raiders'. So much so that even with Andy C in the same camp he's been given the opportunity to mix the 'Ram Raiders' Mix CD: due Summer 2004. Although Shimon's production profile is deservedly overbearing, recently his DJ profile has had a sudden charge, so much so that aside from the 'Ram Raiders' Mix CD you will also find his mixing prowess showcased on the Cover CD of ATM Magazine's August issue a studio mix on D&B Arena also appearing on Radio1 and 1 in the jungle. All in all, as ever, Shimon is positively rolling…


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