Electric Daisy Carnival 2011


Carli Löf and Måns Glaeser both spent the greater parts of their teenage years sneaking around in the shady backstreets of their hometown of Stockholm, looking for unexplored graffiti terrain. Frequently bumping into each other in dark alleys and closed subway stations, the youngsters soon discovered a common obsession with cheezy hooks, bouncy beats and fat basslines. This was in the early nineties, when Carli was busy trying to copy Liam Howlettʼs early productions with the primitive sampler he had just bought, while hip hop head Måns was busy getting into trouble in Swedenʼs finest music high school. Today, Carli and Måns are busy composing fast-paced, elegant and generally ridiculous dance music in their shared studio, and enjoying some well- deserved international success, as a duo as well as on their own, with Måns being the driving force behind some of the hottest parties in Stockholm over the last years, and Carli being one of Swedenʼs most in-demand remixers, as well as new school rap phenomenon Mapeiʼs tour DJ. However, it is when these old graffiti buddies work together that their talents really shine through. Released on Dave Taylorʼs Dubsided imprint, their debut twelve inch as Savage Skulls consists of two uncompromising dancefloor bombs, drawing inspiration from Green Velvet and the classic Swedish loop techno as well as the freshest dancehall riddims from Jamaica.


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