Electric Daisy Carnival 2011


Being Safe & Staying HealthyAat EDC 

Posted: June 24th, 2011

We are reaching out with some reminders to keep healthy, safe, and happy during EDC Weekend so everyone can enjoy the festival to the fullest extent.

Make sure you are keeping hydrated throughout the weekend, not just when you are at EDC, but all weekend long. We will have free water refill stations at the event- you can use the Insomniac reusable water bottle or any water bottle bought inside the event at these stations. Make sure you drink plenty of water, especially when you are dancing and especially during the day when temperatures peak.

In addition to water, make sure to eat nutritious meals throughout the weekend to keep your energy and blood sugar at optimal levels. We know the weekend is exciting, but please take the time to give your body the nutrients it needs. Furthermore, make sure you get enough rest and sleep!

Insomniac will do its part to make sure you have a safe event as well. In addition to the free water refill stations, we will provide you with 5 cooling zones and artwork with water features at the event. Please take advantage of these features to cool down throughout the night. Hours of the festival are 8pm-sunrise in order to escape the daytime heat.

Insomniac has collaborated with premier safety and medical organizations in the nation to ensure safety for all guests. Security, police, fire, and medical staff will be present for your safety at the event. If you need any medical assistance during the event, please locate one of our medical tents which can be found on the map. Please do your part in taking care of yourself all weekend long. In true EDC sprit, please take care of your friends and fellow attendees as well. You are all adults.

Start preparing yourself for the event now by getting lots of sleep and drinking lots of water. Let's make EDC Las Vegas safe and successful so we can provide you with a fun experience for years to come.

View Insomniac's security press release here.

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