Electric Daisy Carnival 2011


A Garden Of Art

Posted: June 23rd, 2011

Electric Daisy Carnival is more than just a music festival, it is celebration of all things beautiful and the contribution of technology to the natural world. We invite you all to wander the festival grounds and stumble upon our plethora of alluring art installations that have come from all over the nation for you to experience. Come play with our interactive pieces and be amazed by the result of human creativity come to life. This year in Vegas, we will have more art installations than ever before.

BrollyFrock by the Flux Foundation

BrollyFrock is a beautiful installation being built just for Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas. The concept behind the piece is to bring people together in a place of playful shelter. Although umbrellas are a representation of shelter, shade, and protection for humans,  they are often quite isolating. BrollyFrock transcends this isolation and brings umbrellas together, thus bringing people together in a communal experience. It is a completely interactive art installation that reacts to the environment by producing light, shade, mist, and fire. The sculpture consists of over 60 umbrellas and is made entirely of steel. Come experience this beautiful, playful structure and come together as a community through the creativity of the Flux Foundation.

Candelaphyte  & Sphae by Michael Christian

Michael Christian brings the beauty of nature to life in his remarklable illuminated sculptures. Come gaze upon the stunning 25 foot tall steel plant structures that sway in the wind in the Candelaphyte garden and be amazed by Sphae, a 28 foot steel tree with illuminated sprouts that radiate in the night. These pieces seem to have come from a different world and will give you the illusion of wandering through a magical, lit-up garden.

Diamond Tower by Mark Lottor

Diamonds are known for their remarkable optical characteristics and this gigantic 40-foot tall diamond gives even more luster to the world's most precious rock. The 2400 magical LED lights on this three-dimensional dazzling diamond can be seen from all over the festival grounds. Come let this structure's endless patterns and movements of vibrant colors entice you throughout the night.

Stargate by Mark Lottor

Want to take a trip to the stars? This art piece is your door to the celestial sphere. Come venture through this 80 foot long tunnel while its lights twinkle around you! You will feel as though you have fallen into a black hole of sparkles and glow that you will never want to leave.

Cauc by Syd Klinge

Come witness the night sky be set on fire as this brilliant kinetic sculpture releases millions of electron bolts into the atmosphere. You will be startled by massive bolts of lightning that will light up the heavens. This ambient piece is certainly not one to be missed.

The Pool by Jen Lewin

This giant arena allows you to immerse yourself in swirling effects of color and light. It is made up of 106 concentric circles that illuminate based on participant movements, creating a surprising and unpredictable array of cascading lights. The Pool is a complex creation that create an organic network, collaborating with each other and with participants.  Come take a dip in the Pool and interact with this dynamic installation of lights. Your senses will thank you.

WISH by Robert James Buchholz

This towering 50-foot three-piece sculpture encompasses the whimsical feeling of making a wish upon a dandelion. Robert James Busccholz brilliantly utilizes blown glass and mirror mosaic across the entire surface on the giant dandelion stems. All three flowers are illuminated with LEDs that change color and pulse to the beat of the music. This art installation is an illustrious embodiment of the Earth's natural beauty and the power of a wish.

Rabbit Hole by Benllyod Goldstein and F | Myles

The Rabbit Hole has been featured at a number of Insomniac Events are we could not be more thrilled to bring back this enchanting piece for you to experience. Come venture down the rabbit hole in this unique immersive experience featuring a progressively shrinking spiraled tunnel and 4,000 feet of glimmering white lights. For the complete experience, you will wear prismatic glasses to reveal layers of refraction of the lights based on patterns and intensities of light. Are you ready to fall down the rabbit hole into a magical world?

Planet Bugaboo by Gerard Minakawa

Bugaboos come from a distant planet deep in the cosmos but have been brought to life at EDC by the imagination of Gerard Minakawa. Come meet all the Bugaboo creatures, constructed completely of bamboo, on Planet Bugaboo. Each Bugaboo encompasses its own unique personality and unique construction and are just waiting for your imagination to join them in their world. Come see the amazing handcrafted work of Gerard Minakawa on Planet Bugaboo.

Fire Pagoda by Poetic Kinetics

Poetic Kinetics specialize in crafting large scale kinetic structures as a form of creative expression. This beautiful pavilion features detailed patterns and showcases the unique properties of captured ceiling fire. Come stand beneath it and experience the warmth of creative energies (and fire).

Mutopia by The Flaming Lotus Girls

Last year at EDC, The Flaming Lotus Girls brought us 'Soma' and this year they are back for another breaktaking, fire-breathing creation. Mutopia brings together the laws of the Golden Ratio in a spiraling sculptural installation of Seedpods. The complex structure shows each Pod at a different stage of life, from emergence to full bloom. Visit Mutpoia at night when it comes to life, rumbling, hissling steam, and illuminated with light. The piece is completely interactive, become brighter or dimmer according to human proximinity. The most thrilling feature of Mutopia is its ability to dramatically spew huge amounts of fire into the night sky at the touch of a button.

Pagoda by The Do LaB

This asian-inspired pavilion is here to provide you with a tranquil environment to escape the crowds and heat. Its wide open structure and colorful fabrics create a peaceful and comforting setting for anyone who seeks its solace. Look for the 40 foot tall colorful tent to lead you to the Pagoda and experience its serenity.

The Fishtank

Come swim through the crowds on this mobile party car! Just look for the giant orange fish and join him in the tank for a great dance party!

The Space Wench by Space Island

The Space Wench is ready to set sails at EDC! This futuristic, shark-like pirate ship will be making waves through the crowds and you are invited to hop on and join the party!

Bike Zoo from Austin, TX

Day or night, be on the lookout for a group of enchanting bugs and animals that will roam the festival grounds! EDC will feature a gigantic snake, butterflies, bat, and mantis to mystify you at every turn.

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