Electric Daisy Carnival 2011


Go For A Spin!

Posted: June 21st, 2011

At Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, we will have an amusement park full of exhilarating rides for you to enjoy! Here is a preview of what to expect. Which rides are you exciting to go on?

Black Widow Spider

This huge wheel will propel you around a giant spider's web around and upside down at mind blurring speeds! Be careful not to get caught in the deathly spider's web!

Bumper Cars

Come take a spin and wage war with your friends, bumper car style! This old favorite is always a thrill!


Hop on board a horse and take a ride on this Carnival Classic! You will be mesmerized by the hand painted decorations and scenery and enchanting music!

Century Wheel

Hop on board this dazzling ferris wheel, which is illuminated with amazing lights and will carry you to a height of 70 feet!

Cliff Hanger

This ride will send you aviating through the air as if you are hang gliding over the carnival! Soar around and around before touching back to the ground!

Crazy coaster

You would have to be crazy to try this coaster as it makes you feel as though you will fall off the track at every turn and drop!


Jump on this gigantic half pipe and move back and forth as you spin 'round and 'round!


Feel the force of gravity as this ride spins you around and sends you plummeting down at terrifying heights!

Giant Wheel

For the most sweeping view of the entire carnival, board the majestic Giant Wheel, which towers 120 feet about the grounds and whisks you smoothly from top to bottom! Hope you're not be afraid of heights!


Get ready for some head-rushing, blood-filling, upside-down moments as you experience the centrifugal force of this risky ride!

Mardi Gras

Stepping inside this funhouse will make you feel like you are being transported to New Orleans for their favorite holiday. Two stories of mazes, mirrors, music, and lights await you!

The Mega Drop

The Mega is called "mega" for a reason- it is the tallest, fastest, and scariest drop tower in the United States! Ride if you dare!

Music Fest

What better ride to experience at a music festival than the Music Fest? This ride will rock n roll you around day and night!


This blur of lights will orbit you around at insane speeds, flipping sideways and vertical at any moment!


This ride will truly remix which way you thought was up and which way you thought was down at it spins you at high speeds tilting you back toward the ground!


This ride will suspend you standing against the wall as it spins you at unreal speeds! Better hope the "Scat" doesn't turn into the "Scatter"!

Silly Sea

Explore the depths of the sea in the silly fun house! There is much to be explored beneath the surface!


This ride will surely sizzle your stomach as as it spins and throws you around and brings you within inches of crashing into other cars!

State Fair Slide

Climb higher and higher to the top of the stairs and then sail down these undulating slides! Race your friends and enjoy the thrill of this delightful ride!

Super Shot

This ride will lift you 100 feet into the air and then drop you without warning, sending you plummeting toward the ground! Can your stomach handle the Super Shot?


The thrilling Tilt-A-Whirl will tip and spin you into chaotic motion You will unexpectedly swing and snap from side to side without any idea of what will happen next!


This thriller allows you to spin yourself around at full speed as it twirls you along, making you spin out into the air! This storm of a ride will surely twist your stomach!


Not your grandma's swing, this ride will spin you around so fast yo will yo-yo out and in 75 feet above the ground!

Zero Gravity

Want to experience the ultimate thrill of defying gravity and become weightless? Then hop on the Zero Gravity which will spin you so fast you will be lifted into the air!


This machine of terror will chaotically zip you around with maximum white-knuckle force! Come see if you can last more than two minutes on this monster!



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