Electric Daisy Carnival 2011


The Easiest Way To The Motor Speedway

Posted: June 13th, 2011

There are so many benefits of taking advantage of the EDC Shuttle; we encourage you to consider this transportation option to enhance your weekend!

- Taking the EDC shuttle is a great way to make sure that you will have a safe ride from the Las Vegas Strip to the Motor Speedway with no need to worry about a ride home. The EDC shuttle is convenient and reliable.

- The shuttle is a great way to save money. Taking cabs back and forth to Electric Daisy Carnival from the strip could cost in the neighborhood $400 over the entire weekend. The shuttle costs a fraction of that and it gives you the convenience of frequent pickup times. Plus, we all know lines for cabs in Las Vegas can be excruciatingly long. The shuttle will help you get to the venue faster so you can enjoy EDC sooner.

- Taking the shuttle allows you to avoid festival traffic with its access to special 'shuttle only' lanes. We are anticipating a large turnout the weekend of EDC and no one wants to spend any of their valuable dancing time in traffic!

- The shuttle has convenient close drop off spots at the speedway so you will not have a long walk from your car to get inside the venue. What is better than door-to-door service?

- Of course, riding the shuttle is fun too! You can sit back and relax while listening to the EDC live broadcast. You also have the opportunity to meet other festival-goers and connect with new people. Start the party early by taking the shuttle!

We are happy to offer you this shuttle service and we hope that this can help to make your weekend worry-free. 3 day passes are only $60. Single day passes are also available.
For more information and to book your spot, Click Here!

Three Day Pass - $60
Friday - $30
Saturday - $40
Sunday - $30

For EDC Tickets & Detailed Festival Info Click Here.

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