Electric Daisy Carnival 2011

Helicopter Transportation

The Electric Daisy Carnival app for iPhone and Android lets you easily explore all that EDC has to offer. Some of the app's features include:

Custom Schedule: Lists each artist and where/when they are playing. Explore by stage to find a sound that suits your interest. Add or remove artists on your personal Custom Schedule with one touch.

Artist Info: Click on any artist name in the lineup page for a full bio.

Interactive Map: Locate stages, vendors, food, drinks and more on this 3D map of the venue.

Radio: Listen to a custom-built station featuring the artists playing at EDC.

News: Up to date info on EDC from our Facebook, Twitter page, and website.

Event Info: Find answers and information for everything related to EDC, including hotels, entrance details and ticketing.

Interact: Post your pictures, news or links to artist's bios, directly from the app to your Facebook or Twitter.

And much more!

Download the app today for free!

App for iPhone: click here or go to the app store from your Iphone and search Electric Daisy Carnival .

App for Android: click here or go to the market from your Android and search Electric Daisy Carnival.

*Note: some features and updates can take a few seconds to load. Allow the app 10 seconds to load after opening if all your features are not present.

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