Electric Daisy Carnival 2011


J.Majik Has been Djing the globe spreading his sound since the early 90s , credited by many as one of the original artists who helped create the drum and bass scene ,His early work on Metalheadz And Mo wax inspired a new sound. At the age of 15 Goldie dubbed him"The Luke skywalker of drum and bass'and since then his sound and Dj skills have constantly evolved to make J.Majik a household name in electronic music.In 2002 J.Majik flipped the scene on its head with his Classic "Love is not a game ft Kathy Brown,The track was signed by Ministry of sounds Defected records and went on to go Uk top 30 ..Fabio credited Mr Majik as the creator of 'liquid drum and bass' and this rocketed his profile and demand worlwide.In 2003 J came with possibly his most memorable release in the form of 'Space invaders' alongside Hatiras from Canada.This track inspired a new wave of producers and a new sub genre 'Disco' was born..'I always like to keep people guessing what i will make next,the day my music all sounds the same is when its time to stop'[mixmag 2004].J takes his Djing even more seriously"The only reason i started making music is so i could Dj it at partys!,The energy and inspiration i get from djing is what makes me work soo hard in the studio'.With this attitude J has toured the world and in 2005 Mixed the' Fabric live' cd and the mixmag front cover cd for America .His Label Infrared has been responsible for releasing early music from Photek John B,Dillinja Goldie,and the 1st release of dnb superstar Sub focus.Fast foward a few years and in 2008 J.Majik teamed up with producer Wickaman to make the Hit 'Crazy World ['Ministry of sound}.The track Was a club favourite and went on to Pave the way for Drum and bass to be accepted by Radio 1 and mainstream radio without losing credibility on the underground.Over the last year The duo have remixed some of the biggest dance music tracks including DEADMAU5 and ABOVE BEYOND.Never one to focus purely on one tempo the partnership have been releasing a mix of dnb and Dubstep for the past few years ,they have produced dubstep mixes for Skisms label 'do or die' and their new Dubstep track 'In Pieces' ft DEE freer has been signed by Ministry of sound..The track has been all over radio 1 and Zane Lowe made it his 'HOTTEST RECORD IN THE WORLD...'due for a late july release the track has already been tipped as a uk top 10 and Alongside Doctor P and Dj Fresh promises to spread the word of electronic music to a wider international market..


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