Electric Daisy Carnival 2011


He was an early DJ on one of London's pirate stations, Fantasy FM, and has been popular on the international DJ circuit, landing awards for Best Male DJ and Best Radio DJ (in 1994 and 1995, respectively) at the U.K.'s Hardcore Awards.[1] He is also one of the London radio station Kiss 100's main attractions, and was a player in Suburban Base's compilation series, Drum and Bass Selection. A champion of jungle's dancefloor purity, DJ Hype has also rallied consistently against jungle's compartmentalization into artificial "scenes" in the late 1990s.

DJ Hype began producing in 1989, engineering and co-producing tracks (including chart-toppers such as "Exorcist" and "The Bee") for hardcore staples Kickin', Strictly Underground, and Suburban Base. Although he never lost touch with his breakbeat roots (even going so far as to spin hip-hop instrumentals over house tracks to add a bit of rhythmic flair), it wasn't until he launched his own Ganja label in 1994 (with the single "Cops") that he began seriously focusing on the post-rave possibilities of sampled breaks.

The Ganja label gained almost immediate popularity, primarily through floor-fillers such as "You Must Think First", "Tiger Style" and DJ Zinc's "Super Sharp Shooter." That popularity peaked with the release of their first LP in 1996: 'Still Smokin', a label compilation released jointly by Ganja and cohort Pascal's Frontline imprint. The album became one of the highest-selling independent jungle compilations. Re-released in 1997, its success also led to a major label deal with MCA's Parousia sublabel and the establishment of True Playaz, a DJ Hype–led DJ and production unit also including DJ Zinc, Pascal, and Rude Bwoy Monty.

DJ Hype is known for his jump up dj sets, headlining and smashing up dancefloors at the monthly Playaz night at Fabric (club).


MC Daddy Earl started out over twenty years ago as part of the heatwave soundsystem along side dance music legends Shut Up And Dance and DJ Hype. Over those years he has featured quite a few times on tracks that Hype and Shut Up And Dance have released but has never been interested in being an artist in his own right until recently. From Shut Up And Dances early nineties classic "Ten Pounds to get in" to last years huge" Dubplate Killaz track" on Hypes and Pascal's Ganja label, MC Daddy Earl has been involved in the dance music scene. From building soundsystems in the eighties to putting the "Hype Hype Hype "into DJ Hype, Daddy Earl has very much been a driving force behind the careers of DJ Hype and Shut Up And Dance. For years both parties have tried to coax Daddy Earl onto the live circuit but he was never interested, anyone that knows him would tell you that he has a amazing voice and that he should be mc'ing live but he would always say "nah, i leave it to them guys" but last year saw a turning point in which Hype had done a few tracks featuring Daddy Earl that were blazing up drum and bass parties the world over but still noone knew who Daddy Earl woz!!! Earl would come with Hype to Playaz at Fabric and see the reaction to the tracks when they were played in the club, also the amount of people that would come in the dj booth asking "who is the mc on that track" and Hype would always proudly point to his best friend and say "he is the voice", so by seeng the way people were into his voice made him realise that maybe he should be treating it all a bit more seriousley. So at the begining of this year he approached Hype and told him he wanted to start mcing live so Hype quickly got him to mc with him at various drum and bass parties around the world, mcing in places like Canada, America, Japan, France, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and of course not fogetting the good old UK…….so…..lets hear it for the better late than never arrival of Daddy Earl and coming from same great pedigree as Hype and Shut Up And Dance we think he will be here for a long time to come!!!!!! Watchout for more tracks featuring Daddy Earl with DJ Hype and of course his continuing live work.


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