Electric Daisy Carnival 2011


Only a few international artists presenting their own style succeed in having such a lasting effect on the international dance scene for more than ten years. Andre Tanneberger presents his individual spirit in all of his tracks and still stayed true to ATB. Well known for his single "9PM (Till I Come)" as well as his eight studio albums, five "in the mix" compilations and four DVDs, he is one of the most famous international artists of electronic music well known all around the globe. Voted on rank #11 at the last DJ MAG voting, holding rank #4 of theDJlist. com for more than two years now, he is one of those DJs who always is as close to his fans as possible, to present them his music live and directly. This all lead to Andre becoming one of the most important producers and musicians for electronic music of the last decade. Having worked with international stars like Heather Nova, Moby or William Orbit on previous albums he collaborated with famous artists like Roberta Carter Harrison, Haley, Betsy Larkin, Aruna and Josh Gallahan on his latest album "Future Memories". Together with Bryan Adams he stood on stage at Rock in Rio; he remixed pop legends like A-ha and has travelled the whole world as a DJ to get in direct contact with his fans.


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