Electric Daisy Carnival 2011


12th Planet Added To EDC Co

Posted: May 11th, 2011

12th Planet was one of the first artists to bring dubstep to America and is therefore known as "America's king of dustep".  He rocked the decks at Electric Daisy Carnival Los Angeles last year and we could not be more thrilled to welcome him to Colorado this year!

Born John Dadzie, 12th Planet grew up in Los Angeles where in high school he began playing in bands and attending raves and jungle parties. He first began releasing drum & bass tracks under the alias Infiltrata and created a number of successful collaborations with renowned drum & bass artists including Spor, Limewax, Concord Dawn, Evol Intent, and Mayhem.

12th Planet now produces all original tracks and has made the transition to playing bass-heavy dubstep as well as electro and hip-hop, although his junglist roots are still readily apparent. He has recently worked with Skrillex (on "Father Said" and "Needed"), Datsik, Doctor P, Plastician, and Skream. He is currently dropping beats at every music festival across the country and playing alongside some of the biggest names in dubstep. One thing is for sure, this “king of dubstep” is just going to keep getting bigger and bigger.

Like the mythical 12th planet of our solar system, 12th Planet is something you have to see to believe. His sets contain an unbelievable amount of energy and will always keep you guessing. We are very excited to announce 12th Planet for Electric Daisy Carnival Colorado!

Next lineup addition will be announced next tuesday.

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