It takes a lot of grey matter to live life in a similar shaded area. This is my music. It isn't catered towards any specific demographic. It was written from a mind that has experienced every social class first hand. I've seen much of the world and no matter what language you speak, we all have either been through it or are close to someone who has. My story is our story. An explanation of the higher power's meticulously placed random events that create what we call life. Whether it be good times or times we never speak of... just try to remember which one is which.
I am a Hip-Hop/Dnb Emcee. I also produce Hip-Hop and write lyrics for any genre that motivates me. I am part of a family of musicians who I love and respect as if my mother had given birth to them as well. From strong-arming beats with the other half of Mental Sharp: Sharpness MC to coming organic with the Jazz/HipHop/Life vibes of our band The Living Sample. From bangin' shows with Gasm as sure as the tattoo on my arm to hittin' all four corners w/ guidance from a list of DJ's who respectfully gave me a chance.
I am a father who understands what that means. I also understand I have a lot of work to do. This is the next step. 2i5. Stay Tuned there's more. Enjoy the music while this page's look and sound continues to evolve.