Flaming Lotus Girls - Soma

Soma is an interactive sculptural installation depicting the anatomy of two communicating human neurons made of stainless steel, copper, aluminum, bronze, resin, fire and light. Soma magnifies the microscopic world into an epic experience of beauty.

A soma is a cell body of a neuron with branching dendrites (signal receivers) and a projection called an axon, which conducts the nerve signal. At the other end of the axon, the axon terminals transmit electrochemical signals across a synapse (the gap between the axon terminal and the receiving cell)

In Soma fire and light create a representational flow of electrochemical signals between Soma’s two neurons. Spinning balls of fire form the neuron’s nuclei. Slender dendrites extend to the sky and reach down to the earth, emitting constant flame and color changing LED light.


Remember that?

Remember that feeling when you were a small child seeing a flower for the first time? That feeling of wonder? That feeling of recognizing the mystery of life and how much bigger the world is than you? That feeling of recognizing something truly special—something truly meaningful—in a unique moment that was the perfect essence of innocence?

Well, you’re going to feel it again.

This is why we do what we do at Insomniac and this is why we are so incredibly excited to have the Infinitarium at this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival.

The Infinitarium isn’t just an art installation or a sculpture garden… it’s a statement about life. It’s a statement about you! A completely interactive experience, Big Art Studios from Oakland, California has produced 18 sculptures over one acre at Electric Daisy Carnival which will boggle your imagination.

Towering flowers that drip with sweet dew in the day and burn with fire and light at night… A garden of giants crafted out of love to inspire you to remember those moments when you felt how big life actually is… You really have to experience it because words matter, but your heart matters more. And this time we have an experience that was created for your heart. If you didn’t hear one beat, you didn’t see one DJ, EDC will be worth it for this one experience. The Infinitarium: Life in action. We hope you’ll be there to share it with us.

Elemental Vortex of Resonance

by: Orion Fredericks

This work of art is an instrument of phase shifting the elements of water, fire and sound into a display of spectral hallucination.
Orion Fredericks has shown through out the U.S. See more of my work at www.OrionFredericks.net

Cubatron C5

This opto-kinetic sculpture by Mark Lottor feaures a 3-D array of 5000
color changing lights that create spectacular dynamic effects. The newest
circular configuration debuts here!

The Boiler Bar

The traveling Wonders of The Boiler Bar. A circus side show with the "Giant Iron Snail Car" the Golden Mean and Electrobite as the freaks of nature from the gardens of Vulcan tamed only with Flame . Only the bravest of men will be asked to step forward and tame the beast themselves. This interactive attraction will warm the hearts of women and make men tremble inside. Step right up and lets see what your made of!