At the age of 34, DJ Marky is considered one of the greatest DJs on the planet. Marky’s career began in the ‘80s, and by the beginning of the ´90s he was already a phenomenal DJ and had the mark of a true entertainer, becoming a pioneer for Brazilian dance music by breaking through in the United Kingdom, the home of Jungle and Drum N´Bass.

Around 94/95, Jungle became popular in Brazil thanks to the persistence of, relatively unknown at that time, amateurs Patife, Andy and Koloral, who were Marky´s partners from the very beginning. By the second half of the ´90s Marky already had his own radio show, was resident at the legendary TOCO, where more than 5,000 people came to enjoy the sound of the young turntable maestro, who was then just a little more than twenty years old. In the same decade, he released and signed his first Drum N´Bass/Jungle compilation with Suburban Base Records (UK)and was crowned DJ of the Year in Brazil in 95, 96 and 99.

In 1999 Marky was chosen as the best DJ in the country, by Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper. Marky´s international success is very well documented and has had a significant impact on the Brazilian scene by bringing to the fore some of the more diverse musical talents that Brazil has to offer. His ability and technique have won fans all over the world and today, with his personality and charisma, he still manages to attract crowds. With massive coverage in Brazil, Europe, the United States, Asia, Australia and Czech Republic, Marky is an authority on the dance floors of every country and city he passes through, which is quite a lot as he tours the world for at least 6 months of every year.

His album, The Brazilian Job, was one of the best Drum ‘N’ Bass compilations in terms of worldwide sales and one of the most successful at the time of its release. The version for the song Carolina Carol Bela, by Jorge Bem Jor, entitled LK, reached Number 15 in the UK Top 40 Chart. The only artists who have come close to this feat in recent years were Tom Jobim and Sepultura.

Marky has been winning audiences from many different walks of life and with almost juxtaposing musical interests, especially those related to old school (classic funk & soul from the ´70s and ´80s). A very little known fact is that Marky is a passionate lover of rare grooves and jazz. A maniacal vinyl collector, he owns one of the biggest classic collections anyone has ever heard of. He is currently cast among the vanguard of the club scene and Brazilian electronic music. He was a resident DJ at the Lov.e Club for the weekly night VIBE for almost a decade in Sao Paulo, which included guests of the highest calibre and importance in Drum ‘N’ Bass.

After years as an exclusive artist for TRAMA, the distribution of the latest CD album, In Rotation, in partnership with XRS (Xerxes), was by Universal Music. Marky has started his new monthly night at The End, in London in the second half of 2005, called Marky & Friends. The night is an opportunity to introduce some world-class performers and well respected and admired DJ’s to the UK and ask them to join him at a fantastic venue for a night of musical excellence and variety as acts are sourced from the furthest corners of the globe. Artists are asked to play the sounds that influenced and inspired their lives and productions. At the Marky & Friends nights, people will certainly be surprised to see and listen to all star DJ’s playing real Funk, Soul, Jazz and Rare Grooves alongside typical Marky style Drum ‘N’ Bass. The project also arrives in Sao Paulo/Brazil, where Marky will take to the decks at E-muzik in Vila Olimpia with his Friends and will be able to show why he is the best of the world on a more regular basis!

2006 was a great year for DJ Marky with an array of worldwide commitments as well as the syndication of his branded “DJ Marky & Friends” to The END nightclub in London where it has gathered a massive following and is proving to be one of the more successful and entertaining nights in the capital. Guest appearances from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Gilles Peterson and Fabio have been warmly received in what is a predominantly a Drum & Bass environment and DJ Marky is now becoming renowned for his extended sets, one of which was an eight hour marathon where he took on the entire main room on his own for the duration of the evening. 2007 sees the night go national with events happening in Brighton, Bristol, Birmingham, Sheffield and London to name a few, and this is largely down to the immense success of the London night.

2007 also saw the inaugural 1Xtra Drum & Bass Awards take place in London. DJ Marky was a nominee in the category of Best International DJ/Artist and up against stiff competition form Canada and Holland, but when the golden envelope was opened it was DJ Marky’s name that was on the award. Being voted the Best International DJ/Artist capped what has been an incredible 12 months for DJ Marky.

The tail end of 2007 was a busy one for DJ Marky and for his label Innerground, with the release of two EPs from various artists and his first mix album for the label made up purely of Innerground material. The release of the album, entitled “DJ Marky & Friends: The Master Plan” sparked off a massive worldwide tour to promote it on a global scale, with countries such as France, UK, Japan, China, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and of course Brazil all taking in an extra special set from DJ Marky.

In 2008, DJ Marky has been building on well-laid foundations. With his now global brand “DJ Marky & Friends” going from strength to strength more time has been put in in the studio, with a host of releases due by the end of 2008 on his own Innerground label as well as a live alternative mix for legendary label BBE (Barely Breaking Even) entitled “Influences”, which further demonstrates not only DJ Marky’s passion for music regardless of genre, but also his ability to blend any type of music into a quality aural experience.