The most recognized face and sound in American drum & bass belong to Dieselboy. An icon for American d&b for over a decade, he has become an international symbol of this volatile underground dance music movement. America's best-selling d&b artist by far, Dieselboy was the first American to be voted into the UK-based Drum & Bass Arena Top 10 DJs 2004 online poll. Early in 2007, Dieselboy tag-teamed with d&b's best-known superstar Goldie in Russia where they co-headlined a festival attended by over 25,000 junglists, and they shared headliner status again soon after at SXSW 2007 in Austin, Texas.

As a DJ, Dieselboy, born Damian Higgins, was an original pioneer in the early '90s spreading d&b in North America, first in Pittsburgh, then from Philadelphia, growing in popularity until he was criss-crossing the continent virtually nonstop. His popular mix-tapes and mix-CDs have been the gateway for countless fans to the high energy, futuristic, science fiction sound of d&b. Dieselboy's style is characterized by flawless execution, meticulous pulse-quickening programming that not only excels at showcasing individual tracks but also creates an intense and epic cinematic atmosphere.