From his first pioneering house single « Up 1 Way » back in his native Paris, France in 1992 to the much-awaited upcoming release of his new album later this year, David Guetta, who has been France’s n°.1 DJ for a decade, is now an international star whose name is synonymous with the world’s greatest house and dance music and the sets and parties that bring that music to life. DJ, solo recording artist, producer and half of the planet’s most sought-after dance-party organisers, Guetta’s career has pursued an upward arc that just keeps rising.

David Guetta has sold over 2 million albums worldwide and over 3.2 million singles in his career. As the world’s no. 1 House DJ 2008, he is a fixture year after year on DJ Mag’s top 100 DJ’s list, was also named DJ of the year at London’s House Music Awards./p>

With three chart-topping albums to his name to date (Just a Little More Love,2002 ; Guetta Blaster, 2004 ; Pop Life, 2007), EMI Music will release Guetta’s much-awaited 4th album in June 2009 in France and in September 2009 internationally.

And when David Guetta isn’t in the studio, he’s criss-crossing the planet. As one of the world’s most solicited DJ’s, he topped off two world tours in 2008 alone, performing more than 200 sets during the last year.

In addition to his incredibly successful solo career, David Guetta and his wife Cathy are an international brand synonymous with the chicest, hottest nightlife anywhere on the planet- from Ibiza of course, Miami, New York, and London to Barcelona, Paris, their mythical F*** Me I’m Famous club parties have been imitated by many but rivalled by none ! Each summer the Guetta’s bring the party to the Baleares Island of Ibiza with their mega dance parties for tens of thousands of house, electro, and dance-loving fans. And each seasons gives birth to a chart-topping compilation that goes by the same name- to date the Guetta’s have released F*** Me I’m Famous compilations (+300 000 albums sold).