Few people can lay claim to being the definitive voice of their profession. It just so happens that MC Conrad is one of those few.

From the early rave days and his partnership with LTJ Bukem, through Speed to Logical Progression II, MC Conrad has come to be a defining element in the drum 'n bass scene - a seal of approval and mark of quality.

But there is more to MC Conrad than his voice. Music has always been an influence. A young Conrad grew up listening to the family record collection, absorbing a variety of vocal styles and musical genres. When developing his own tastes, the 2-tone and early electro scenes were well favored. This involvement with urban street music moved Conrad toward the hip-hop scene and the first inkling of his desire to make music himself. Picking up a microphone, Conrad began to rap for a local hip-hop band and started to develop an individual style.

Unfortunately, British hip-hop was not developing its own individuality and Conrad took his vocal talents elsewhere. The early rave scene was the ideal opportunity for MC's to develop and Conrad wasted no time in hooking up with LTJ Bukem. Theirs was the definitive DJ / MC partnership – one which aspired to and achieved even greater heights in following years. Conrad's voice became the trademark of the Good Looking sound and vibe.

With his voice now established, MC Conrad is applying his skill and knowledge to the production of music. His collaboration with PHD has provided an extra dimension to his abilities, but is just one small piece of the bigger picture that Conrad has envisioned.

His Words 2 B Heard project aims to put the live voice in its traditional place - at the front of a band. Bringing together a pool of vocalists, musicians and producers, Words 2 B Heard is a collective on a mission to take music out of the sampler and onto the stage.

" Music doesn't stop at a certain point, it carries on developing. You can put it onto vinyl or CD at a point in time but if you listen to it live, you can watch it grow. If that's how you decide to listen to your music it opens up so many doors."

With this belief in mind, Conrad hopes to remove the technological stigma of dance music and gain access to all the atmosphere and experimentation that live music provides. In the spirit of his own raps, nothing remains static. Every performance is different. Words 2 B Heard sums up the creative process that Conrad thrives on. Never content with his own standards, Conrad continues to develop his style and content. His raps bring together thoughts and feelings culled from all aspects of life, personally organized to complement the music and connect with the people who are listening.