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SILVER has deejay'd all over the world & recorded music for some of the top labels in drum & bass, such as Metalheadz, Virus, Timeless, Renegade Hardware, V, Infrared, Reinforced, Soul:r plus many more.

Recently SILVER was voted 14th best D&B DJ in the world at SILVER runs 2 record labels - one being the highly blessed SCIENCE FICTION RECORDS which he co-runs with his partner Sonic; the other being his brand new label NEMESIS RECORDINGS which has jus been launched this past year.

SILVER has landed himself up a short roll in a new film to come out next year entitled " SABOTAGE" There will also be an array of other stars in this independent film so keep your ears to the ground for that as well! Don’t forget to catch "SILVER" on tour at a city near you!