Vello Virkhaus is a leading figure in the contemporary electronic music
and visual art scene. Virkhaus was born in Rochester New York, and raised
in Kalamazoo Michigan. After studying art with his grandfather, Dord
Fitz, who was a gallery owner and avid painter, he went to Kansas City Art
Institute in 1991 to study art. While at KCAI he became captivated by
animation and video art, and switched schools, heading to The School of
The Art Institute of Chicago. He graduated with a BFA in 1995,
specializing in art and technology studies
Before he was 21 years old, he formed one of the first VJ Arts companies
in America, O.V.T.--short for Optique Video Tek. The key members of this
organization helped to pioneer live video mixing in America’s electronic
music culture. The first performances integrated earlier psychedelic
light show techniques of oil and water, 16mm film loops, updating them
with original video animation elements. After years of collaboration with
O.V.T., Virkhaus moved from Chicago to Hollywood California and started
his own studio, called V Squared Labs in 2002.

The last few years has seen Virkhaus’s solo career as a VJ and director
explode internationally. Some of the first projects that helped launch his
career as a director were the #1 selling, Korn Duece DVD, Korn NY Live,
and the Untouchables Concert Tour Visuals. This stream of totally edgy,
dark and experimental work took Virkhaus into a entirely new arena of
visual entertainment.

2005 was a year of major growth and stunning projects. Vello VJ’d and
directed visuals for Billy Idol’s “Scream” music video. Next, he directed
the animations and created audio reactive visuals for Coldplay’s “Speed Of
Sound” Music Video, which was nominated for MTVs 2005 Best Visual FX
Award. He also directed the original concert tour visual animations for
50 Cent and the 2005 Anger Management Tour. Virkhaus recently wrapped up
a DVD of original visuals for Armani Exchange. He also created and
directed the big-screen visuals for Bon Jovi’s “Have A Nice Day” tour.
In 2006, Virkhaus will conceive and direct the multi-media visuals for The
Red Hot Chili Peppers World Tour. He also began a creative collaboration
with Superstar DJ, Sandra Collins, culminating in a new A/V DJ VJ band
with his own tour sponsored by Pioneer and Edirol, of Roland Systems Group.