Since the time hip-hop music and break-dancing first hit L.A.streets two
decades ago, Oscar Gamboa II A.K.A. Oski-D, or the infamous Oscure has
been one of the integral pioneers of the LA Underground scene. Sharing a
devotion to music and a passion for its perpetuity, Oscure and several of
his friends established the party crew B.A. Boiz in 1988. B.A Boiz threw
small warehouse events and created the highly revered second room at the
former after-hours "What?" in 1990. Becoming a resident at the longest
running L.A. party-F.A.M.I.L.Y solidified his position as one of L.A.’s
premier underground DJs. Spinning hip-hop and funk at this weekly event
gained him recognition among his contemporaries for the distinct flavor of
music and creating an incredible atmosphere. It was at this juncture in
his professional career that Oscure spun at his first full-fledged rave,
Dippity-Do in 1992. Then served as a resident for L.A.'s infamous No-Doz,
D.A.R.E., and Caffiend. L.A.’s next after-hours from 1991 through about 1997.