Having been a fan of electronic music since the age of 13, Origin is in a
unique position in that he can bridge the cultural gap between those who
have been around since day one, and those who are just now entering the
world of Drum & Bass. His number one goal with DJing and Production has
always been to provide music that is technically savvy while being
accessible to the average electronic music fan. This unique artistic
balance has made him one of the most popular Drum & Bass DJs on the west
coast, placing him recently on stage with LTJ Bukem, Shy FX, Photek, Andy
C and at Prospect in Rotterdam, Holland while on a European tour. Most
importantly, Origin is constantly striving to push the boundaries of what
Drum & Bass while facilitating international connections via United Drum
and Bass, Boxed Agency, and Gridlok’s Project Fifty-One imprint. With many
production collaborations (Dr. Funkenstein himself George Clinton being
one of them), an American tour, and a Abelton Live remixing project all in
the works, Origin is poised to present his unique interpretation of drum
and bass to music fans everywhere.

Since 1997, Origin has been found on stage with Dieselboy, Bad Company, Ed
Rush & Optical, Adam F, J Magik, Mampi Swift, Roni Size, Konflict, Hive,
Juju, Craze, and scores more. In addition to his regular DJing schedule,
Origin also writes reviews and copy for many entities worldwide including
Project Fifty-One, Tangent Recordings, BPM Magazine, Jointz Magazine,
Knowledge Magazine, Rinse, and the European DNB Magazine.

Currently, Origin is resident DJ and partner in MUSE Revamped!, one of Los
Angeles’ most well-loved Drum and Bass events.