The Mutaytor is part hip-grinding techno/retro-funk, part
audience-interactive post-modern circus. The act takes
drastically-advanced elements of the Grateful Dead, Parliament Funkadelic,
the Crystal Method, Louis Prima and Blue Man Group and throws them
directly at spectators as riotous surreal entertainment notable for
" turning civilians into Rockstars." The sound is tight, the show manic,
the vibe all-inclusively friendly and the thirty-person troupe easily
detaches itself in ten or twenty person units for touring and sorties into
the corporate world. There's nothing like the Mutaytor in show business
today and they'll probably have to spin off parts of itself in order to
have any competition in the future. The first durable chunk of American
music to emerge from the Burning Man subculture, the Mutaytor consists of
successful, highly creative people who went out to the desert seeking
enlightenment and came home renamed Kalamitee, Dr. Megavolt, Hambone,
Stark Raving Brad and Matty the Mutaytor. All are oddly (or barely)
dressed caricatures of liberated cyber-humanity, glittering pieces of a
utopian whole; the first act in the history of showbiz that turns the
audience into itself while transforming every venue into their own
playground. Backed by live computer-generated electronica, fretless bass,
and the monstrous rattle 'n whomp of over a hundred fluorescent green
drums, a procession of fire-spinners, dancers, anime characters,
aerialists, and hula-hoop artistes play catch-and-release with everyone