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Born in Los Angeles, California, J-Messinian (nee James Fiorella) bounced
around the country nomad-like, eventually ending up in Philadelphia in the
late 90's. As a child growing up, James developed a love for MC'ing:
head-nodding to HipHop in oversized headphones and engaging in freestyle
'ciphers' with other "staircase artists". His formative musical roots
ranged from Soul, to Hip Hop, to Latin percussion and Dancehall, to his
mother Helena's emotional piano and guitar sessions. In the early
nineties, James began frequenting parties, from b-boy summits to raves
with breaks and tribal house. As his journey into the underground
progressed, he eventually fell in love with the raw snares and basslines
of Drum and Bass music.

In 1998, Messinian started experimenting with rhyming to different styles
of music, which led to live performance. After becoming a resident MC at
Club Space in Philadelphia, he eventually linked up with the members of
the Substitution crew. Making a name for himself MC'ing on the East Coast
circuit, Messinian eventually became a member of the Platinum crew
(Dieselboy, Sine and Icon) hosting Philly's premier weekly Drum and Bass
party at club Fluid.

The launch of the second annual Planet of the Drums tour in 2001 saw
J-Messinian became a member of the POTD crew (Dieselboy, AK1200, and
Dara). Presently, he can be seen and heard MC'ing around the country (and
around the globe) alongside Dieselboy, AK 1200 and Dara, both within the
collaborative framework of POTD and performing with each of the three
superstar DJs individually.

Messinian's enthralling stage presence and dope-ass rhymes speak to the
fervid Drum and bass audience from the stage and beyond. James says it
best himself: "Much love to all of my friends and family for their endless
support and positive influence. Performing my art form and poetry in front
of crowds has been a dream of mine since the age of 9. All of you have
helped in making this dream become a reality. Endless respects."