Born and mutated in the subcultures of Los Angeles, HAZEN has gained wide
spread respect as a true underground soldier. As an original member of the
notorious AWR, MSK & Seventh Letter Crews, He became a part of what is now
considered "the golden age" of both graffiti art and the rave movement in
Los Angeles. As co-owner of The Temple of Boom / Samurai Sundaze and a
Bassrush Resident, Hazen now stands as an icon of longevity and dedication
to Jungle / Drum & Bass and The Underground Electronic Music Culture.
Hazen is know to contibute a charismatic and personable energy to the
Jungle Community and any event in which he is involved. It is said, "The
party is not the same without him."

Do not miss his dynamic delivery of the latest heavy tunes and classic
jungle from London to The West Coast! You can also catch him "brockin'
out" on the dancefloor!....Stay tuned.