A pioneer and a dynamic force in the electronic dance music industry,
Ferry Corsten never ceases to amaze, awe and even challenge his music
contemporaries with the zest and talent he has in his productions and
musical sets. He is widely recognized for opening the flood gates of Dutch
producers and DJs to the international music scene.
2005 brought a new wave of challenges for Ferry Corsten. Aside from DJ-ing
all over the world, he worked on his new album and party concept entitled
L.E.F. (Loud, Electronic, and Ferocious). L.E.F. is Ferry Corsten’s newest
event concept where he will promote his new sound that he and other
artists produce and play to clubs and events all over the world.
The concept L.E.F. began as it actually is a Dutch word meaning “Having
guts” which is what many artists respect Ferry Corsten for as a producer
and DJ. He has always been known to push the boundaries of music and has
had a great influence in molding the dance scene to what it is today
through his numerous productions and hits such as “Galaxia”, “Out Of The
Blue”, “Gouryella”, “Punk”, and “Rock Your Body, Rock”.