Doc Martin’s live sets truly bring people together the variation in his
style of music is endless. What makes him so different from the rest? A
unique ability to spin everything from deep house vocals that have much
depth and meaning to us all in some way, his funky tribal Bass lines mixed
with threads of acid, his passive collection of classics rare records that
are only to be heard at his gigs. Doc Martin has developed the respect as
a house DJ that so many of us admire. It is this respect that keeps him
constantly touring, from New York to London, Japan and everywhere in
between. He has frequently played at such clubs as Twilo (New York),
Ministry (London), Back to Basics (England Leeds), Fabric (London), The
End (London), Cielo (New York), Yellow (Japan), Sound Bar (Chicago),
Zentra (Chicago), Sublevel (Los Angeles), Nocturnal Wonderland, Daisy
Carnival (Los Angeles), How Sweet it is (Los Angeles), Café Del Mar (San
Francisco), The Love Parade (San Francisco), Remedy (San Francisco), Seven
(Australia) and countless other shows.