News - Electric Daisy Carnival New York - Saturday May 24th, Sunday May 25th 2014 - Presented by Insomniac Events
News - Electric Daisy Carnival New York - Saturday May 24th, Sunday May 25th 2014 - Presented by Insomniac Events
Electric Daisy Carnival New York - Saturday May 24th, Sunday May 25th 2014
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Your Safety is Our Priority

Today’s the day, Headliners! EDC New York 2014 is finally here. Once inside MetLife Stadium, you’re bound to encounter all types of colorful characters and embark upon extraordinary adventures. If you happen to find yourself in an emergency situation, make sure to text ‘EDC’ to 78247, followed by your request and your location. Our trained medical staff will come and assist you.

No phone? No problem. If you or a friend need medical attention, look for the red cross symbols on your festival map to locate one of our Medical Stations. EDC New York is staffed with qualified and friendly personal. From a Band-Aid on up, we’re here for you should you need anything at all.

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Stay Happy, Healthy and Hydrated at EDC New York

Headliners, just one more day until the gates to EDC New York 2014 open. Bring your positive vibes, your biggest smiles, and make sure to be safe and mindful of others while enjoying your time at MetLife Stadium.

Remember, staying hydrated is the key to powering your body through the long weekend. CamelBaks and aluminum Insomniac water canteens can be filled and refilled for FREE at any of the three water stations set up around the venue. If you’re of legal drinking age, remember that alcohol is not a beverage to cool off with, and you don’t need to consume excessive amounts of it to have good time. EDC New York is a sensory experience unlike any other, but more booze does not equal more fun.

Your health and safety are our top priorities. Know where your friends are, set up meeting points, and always stay connected. If you need help, just ask one of our friendly staff for assistance, or flag down a member of our Ground Control team. They’ll be rocking purple shirts, fanny packs and lighsabers. You can’t miss ’em.

We can’t wait to see you at MetLife Stadium!

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EDC New York Discovery Project Spotlight: OOF

It may take two to tango, but it requires three musically inclined islanders to make the dance floor say, “OOF.” DJ Frizel, King Kekai, and Graves are Hawaiian natives that have been making some serious waves as a supergroup in the Aloha State. Not the type to merely tread water, they saw the opportunity to combine their shared expertise within the DJ/producer, audio engineering, and vocalist categories to become a triple threat in EDM. As the latest winners of the Discovery Project DJ/producer competition series, they used their big-room sound to land an opening slot at EDC New York. See what they have to say before they rip it up on the kineticFIELD!

What was the first thing you did when you found out you’d won the EDC New York contest?

We looked up the Insomniac rep that contacted us on Facebook to ensure she was real and wasn’t one of our friends playing a joke on us. (Laughs.)

What is your history as a DJ/producer up to this point?

Before teaming up, the three of us all had fairly “successful” local DJ careers. Since we’ve kind of been the big fish in the small pond, we’ve had the opportunity to open up and play alongside some of the biggest names in EDM as they come through Hawaii.

What was your winning Discovery Project submission, and how does it reflect your vision as an artist?

We definitely wanted our mix to stand out, so we took a gamble and started it off with an actual Hawaiian song. It reflects our artistic vision in the sense that, instead of looking at being from Hawaii (which is such a small market) as a disadvantage, we wanted to just own and represent it. So, we incorporated some of the stuff we grew up with and twisted it into what’s popular now. As for our original track, we chose to go with our signature sound of big room and festival-style progressive house that sounds really wide and like something you’d hear on the main stage. Also, we made sure to add vocals that were catchy and complemented the melody.

What is your favorite aspect of dance music culture, and why?

We love how open and positive everyone is.

A producer/DJ should never... A producer/DJ should always…

Never worry about what other artists are doing. Focus on what you do, and become great at it. Always try to stand out. With the DJ/producer landscape filling up so quickly, you have to distinguish yourself from the pack.

What’s the best set you've ever played?

Best set? When we opened up for Major Lazer, we were allowed to totally rock out and incorporate live singing and live instrumentation.

What purpose does music serve in your life?

This is such a cliché answer, but music is literally everything (and not just dance music). Living in Hawaii, we are surrounded by all kinds of different sounds and influences that we experience on a daily basis.

What are you most looking forward to at EDC New York? What are you planning for your set?

Showing everyone that three guys from a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean can hold our own and entertain on such a big stage. We’re also excited to show the fans some of our original work—an original sound with a Hawaiian twist.

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The EDC New York Experience: A Sneak Peek

EDC New York is a couple days away, and if you’re half as excited as we are, then you’re really freaking excited. A ton of great surprises will await you at the festival, but since you can’t pass through the gates for another few days, check out some of the magic we’re preparing.

The Music
Artists from seven states and 16 countries will converge on EDC New York from all points of the globe, making for one of the most diverse dance parties the planet has ever seen.

The Discovery
We’ve handpicked the scene’s best up-and-coming DJs and producers to rock our various stages, so come early and hear these cutting-edge artists before they become household names. Also, be sure to stop and snap some photos with the winning piece from Discovery Project’s first-ever art installation competition.

The Special Effects
EDC’s musical conductors aren’t the only electrifying things you’ll witness. We’re creating immersive experiences throughout the festival that incorporate 600 pounds of confetti, 12,000 pounds of CO2, 360 streamer sleeves, 3,500 video tiles, and more than 20 lasers. Prepare to be dazzled!

The Fire
Feel the heat with some of the most majestic fire displays to ever light up the East Coast. Throughout the weekend, 4,000 pounds of propane (roughly a thousand gallons!), two dozen pyro units and 6,500 firework shells will make for a series of mind-blowing displays to rival the Fourth of July.

The Rides
This year we’ve brought out a bunch of thrilling rides including the Dream Catcher, which spins riders while they’re suspended in mid-air, the whirling Orbiter, classic bumper cars, the iconic Ferris wheel and more. There is no additional charge to jump on the rides (yes you read that correctly: they’re free!) so be sure to experience as many as your stomach can handle! 

The Art
This year’s art displays are some of the coolest we’ve ever had, with a new and improved version of the iconic Daisy, live graffiti writing, a giant mechanical owl that shoots flames from its head and a thirty-foot-tall caterpillar lighted with state-of-the-art projection mapping. This magnificent creature sits atop a rotating platform powered by you—so be sure to give it a spin!

The VIP Experience
EDC VIPs receive rapid entry and access to posh lounge areas tricked out with private restrooms, elevated decks, plush couches, decorative lighting and reserved seating for table service guests. The VIP areas are also the only places at the festival with a full bar! All VIP areas are strictly 21+.

We can’t wait to share these experiences—and more—with all of you at MetLife Stadium!

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